Employment Coaching:
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Interview Coaching, Resume Writing and Leadership Training with Offices in Chadstone and Narre Warren.

Professional Employment Coaching is here to help! We provide you with the tools to gain employment with our Professional Resumes and Cover Letters getting your foot in the door and our Interview Coaching ensuring you have the confidence and skills to perform strongly in your interview and get the job you deserve.

We offer the full suite of professional employment services including:

interview coaching

Interview Coaching - Be confident, calm and prepared with our Interview Coaching.

  • This service includes:

  • Interview Skills & Techniques

  • Likely Questions you will be asked

  • Developing Questions to ask your interviewer

  • First Impressions

  • Body Language

  • Conversation Techniques


Professional Resumes and Cover letters - Ensure you get to the interview stage with a Professional Resume and Cover Letter. We write your Resume an Cover Letter in conjunction with you to make sure all of your skills, qualities and experience are listed. This is important as you may not have identified all of your best qualities and skills employers are looking for.

There are hundreds of applications for most positions, make sure your Resume stands out!

employment program

Three Stage Employment Program - A complete and encompassing process that covers everything you need to get the job you want. This is Professional Employment Coachings most popular and successful service for the results it achieves for our clients.

Steps included in the program are:

Analysis Process - In the Analysis Process we work on analysing what employment you want to pursue and how to achieve it. This includes Qualification, Skills and Experience analysis, Goal Setting, Where to search for employment, Creating online profiles on Job Searching websites, and an Action Plan. These all lead to clarity and put in place a plan to achieve your desired employment.

Tailored Resume & Cover Letter - In this stage, we maximise your likelihood of getting the interview you want with a polished and tailored Professional Resume & Cover Letter. Interviewers, employers and admittance staff receive hundreds of resumes and applications, we make sure your resume stands out for the right reason and gives you the edge over your competition.

Interview techniques and skills training - In the third stage, we teach you how to make a striking first impression and perform strongly in your interview with our Interview Coaching. We guide you to create a bond that is genuine and places you front of mind in the hiring process.


Leadership Training & Management development - Leadership is an essential quality for managers, business owners and decision makers. It can mean the difference between happy employees and staff who perform strongly and band together or a dysfunctional unit that underachieves and fractures. We can impart the knowledge gained from working actively in stressful leadership roles on to you, your team or group. This training can increase productivity, empower and create happier work environments.

Leadership & Training for Individuals - Growing your leadership potential is one of the best things you can do to gain a promotion and improve your career. We can work with you to build on your existing leadership traits and help you develop new leadership skills that are practical and useful.

Leadership & Management for Business Owners and Companies - Agile and intuitive leadership is vital for businesses to thrive. If you want your business to grow, a strong leadership culture will drive the processes you put in place and ensure all stakeholders are engaged and sharing a common goal. Our Leadership & Management training, advice and programs deliver results for businesses and companies that clarify communication, improve morale and increase productivity.


Professional Resumes & Cover Letters


You Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Professional Resumes & Cover Letters

A polished, professional, well-designed resume is crucial for scoring an invitation to an assessment centre or round of interviews. The fact is, hundreds of resumes pour into businesses every day for advertised and unadvertised roles. Snap judgements are often made based on the quality of the resume, as much as the quality of the candidate.

Ensure that your resume stands out from the crowd! If you’re not confident in certain aspects of resume writing, if you’re not having much success, visit Professional Employment Coaching.

For professional CV writing and resume writing in Chadstone, give Professional Employment Coaching a call.

Exude Confidence, Nail That Interview

Interview Coaching Chadstone

The old saying is, first impressions last. This is especially true of job interviews – you often don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! For interview coaching Chadstone hopefuls need the expertise of professional employment coaching. Across all industries, we understand how to ensure you surge ahead of the pack.

Learn how to make an outstanding first impression and perform well in your interview. Create a bond that is sincere, one that will position you in the forefront of the hiring staff’s mind. We can train you in a range of questions or complete mock interview.

Inspire Others with Leadership Skills

Professional Coaching Chadstone

Our professional coaching service for Chadstone candidates can teach you the skills you don’t learn at university. We teach you the people skills, the communication skills, we even offer body language training. Learn to communicate with your body from body language specialists. Our specialist training in body language for Melbourne hopefuls is sure to teach you the skills you need to exceed as a professional.
Liam was fantastic, fast to respond to any questions I had. Great coaching and resume service, highly recommend anyone who is looking into a career change or even beginning their career to get in touch with Liam!
— Cara Clare, Melbourne